Frequently Asked Questions

There is a good chance you may have some questions before making an important decision to proceed with an extensive loft conversion. We have compiled a library of the most frequently asked questions to help you get faster answers. If any of your questions are not answered below please get in touch and we'll get right back to you.

We always our loft conversions in compliance with all building regulations. We ensure at all times that your loft conversion meets all safety requirements, is habitable, maintains excellent drainage and ventilation. Local planning authority officers work with us to make sure building regulations are complied with and approval must always be obtained. They will inspect the construction during work to ensure it is safe and healthy. Documents and plans sent to the local building regulation offices often take up to eight weeks to process and we factor this cost when we give you your quotation.

Increases in the value of your home are very dependent on external property indexes and cannot be guaranteed. However your new space from the loft extension can enhance your home and can bring an increased return on investment of up to a 20% . There is always an upper limit to the value of a home so best to check with local property experts who will be able to give you more conclusive advice.

All conversions vary from home to home but a basic loft conversion of average size usually costs between £15,000 and £30,000. The quality of finish and high spec items such as bathroom fittings, electronic mod cons like computerised lighting, or specialist flooring all contribute to either and increase or reduction of the budget.

There are a number of pre-qualifying steps to take including the design and planning permission. As soon as you and the local authorities are in agreement with the plans, your loft conversion can be completed in 4 weeks. Please note that planning permission is not always required but when it is this process can add weeks or months onto the deadline of the project. We’ll assist you in every step including getting plans approved.

We will perform a full survey of your home to check suitability. The pitch of your roof plays an important factor however most homes meet the requirements for a loft conversion.